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Chureito Pagoda is part of the Arakurayama Sengen shrine, and one of the most famous landscapes in Japan.

Located in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi prefecture, the towering offers a spectacular and unobstructed view of Mount Fuji.

Visit in the spring for breathtaking views with cherry blossoms, or in the autumn with the magnificent red maple leaves.



Japan is one of the worlds most important markets with the third largest economy, industrial maturity, a highly educated population and a consumer base with high levels of disposable income who continue to demonstrate an interest in premium, high quality goods and services from around the world.

Japan also has a reputation for being one of the most challenging markets in the world. As an island nation with a long history of isolation, Japan's distinctive and unique culture formed over many centuries and can be intimidating and frustrating without a solid understanding of business culture.

Cultural Savvy's "Working with Japan" learning solutions assist clients better understand the impact of culture on business success, build practical and sustainable skills, enhance communications, and develop better relationships with clients, colleagues and stakeholders.



Japanese Cultural Insights

10 Cultural Insights
Japanese Cultural Concept - Nemawashi

Japanese Proverbs & Expressions
Useful Japanese Expressions
Communicating with the Japanese
Foreign Words in Japanese

Japanese Cuisine
Ohashi - Chopsticks Etiquette
Japanese Dining Tips

Japanese Etiquette
Japanese Gestures & Body Language

Golden Week
Hanami- Cherry Blossoms & Viewing Parties
Japanese Oshogatsu

Sakura - Photo Collection
But the Japanese Love Golf
Betty Crocker in Japan
Dominos Pizza in Japan
Nengajo - Japanese New Years Cards

Valentine's Day - Japanese Style
Is there Halloween in Japan?
Cell Phone Etiquette in Japan

Ordinary in Tokyo
Marketing in Japan


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