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"Ten Key Cultural Concepts" 


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Doing business in Japan and working with the Japanese can be an enormous challenge, even for those who feel they have a working knowledge of Japan and Japanese business culture.

Here is a way to test your knowledge and understanding of Japan.  These "Key Concepts & Tips" cover ten essential cultural issues that one should clearly understand when working with the Japanese. 

For a more in-depth study of these cultural concepts,  please ask us about our  "Working Effectively with the Japanese" Workshops and Briefings.  

Tip #1 You Gotta Have Wa

Tip #2 Following Kata

Tip #3 No Equals in Japan

Tip #4 Situational Behavior

Tip #5 Using Silence

Tip #6 - Become an Insider

Tip #7 Reciprocate Favors

Tip #8 Yes, I understand

Tip #9 - The Customer is God!

Tip #10 When in Conflict...




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