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Are you...

  Working with a manufacturer in China?
   Negotiating a deal in the Arab Gulf?
   Managing a virtual team with IT professionals in India?
   Selling a hot new product in Japan?
   Establishing a call center in the Philippines?
   Exploring new opportunities in Vietnam?
   Preparing for an expatriate assignment in Europe or Asia?

Lack of adequate preparation and on-going skills building is a recipe for disaster in today's very competitive and challenging global market. 

When companies work across cultures and borders, cross-cultural factors can begin to affect almost every aspect of business. Cross-cultural training is no longer just "a nice thing to offer employees".  Nor should you accept "one size fits all" solutions.  The stakes are just too high. 

Cross-cultural training is much more than a course in etiquette and protocol and do's and taboos. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Not understanding that lies below the surface is a recipe for disaster.



Cultural Savvy recognizes that for cross-cultural training, coaching and consulting to be effective as an enhancement to an organization it must deal with several complexities in the learning process. Employees must be able to apply new learning in the performance of their assignments, and be able to observe and make the appropriate behavioral adjustments when cross cultural issues become important to their productivity or the effectiveness of the organization as a whole. Customizing the learning experience is the most effective way to address specific issues and objectives and maximize the positive impact cultural competency can have on the company’s bottom line and reputation. 

Sample of Workshop Topics

  Executive Briefings (sample of topics)

  Importance of Cultural Competence
  Effective & Productive Global Virtual Teams
  Communicating with the Japanese (or other cultures) 
  Working Effectively with "Series"
  Cross-cultural Issues in Outsourcing/Offshoring to India
  Doing Business in the Arab Gulf: Business Protocols and Considerations

  Keynotes and Presentations 

The Cultural Savvy global team of experts will be happy to work with your company or organization to deliver an engaging, timely, and motivating speech or keynote address for corporate meetings, annual conferences, trade show to list a few. We will work with you to tailor or customize a presentation that meets your needs and objectives.

  Executive Coaching

Managers and executives working with colleagues from other cultures or leading/managing global multicultural teams may find themselves dealing with a myriad of challenges - their own lack of global skills and the cultural and business differences they encounter. Executive coaching can help individuals understand lifelong conditioning, their values and work styles and personal assumptions and develop the skills necessary for cross-cultural collaboration and global leadership. 

Contact us to learn more about our Cross-cultural Training Services can benefit your company or organization.



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