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Joyce Millet consults and volunteers with both corporate and non-profit groups to assist in the facilitation of special events.

U.S. Evens (partial list)

  • Associate, Young Diplomate Club, YDC, events, Protocol Professionals, Inc, San Francisco
  • Co-chair, National Maritime Park Association Gala, 2007
  • Auction Co-Chair, National Maritime Park Association Gala, 2006
  • Bridging the Pacific - USF 150th Anniversary Gala for Center for the Pacific Rim, Silent Auction Committee
  • Fusion Festival:  A Blend of East & West.  Fundraiser for the Japan Society of Northern California
  • It's a Grand Slam!  Japan Society of Northern California & Tony La Russa's ARF event with Japanese Ambassador Ryozo Kato
  • Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra American debut, San Francisco
  • Osaka Mayor Yasushi Oshima's official visit to San Francisco
  • Tribute Dinner, honoring Steven J. Doi, recipient of the Kunsho, The Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Rosette, San Francisco
  • “Night on the Barbary Coast” Silent Auction, Maritime Museum, San Francisco
  • Japan Society of Northern California “Women’s Roles in Global Leadership,” panelists of Akiko Yamanaka, Japanese Diet member, Senator Jackie Speier, and The Honorable Barbara Caulfield
  • Event honoring Mr. Kenichi Horie, Japanese solo yachtsman, San Francisco
  • Hanae Mori Gala Fashion Show, Japan Society of Northern California fund-raiser event, San Francisco
  • Sister Chamber Inaugural events for the San Francisco and Osaka Chambers of Commerce, San Francisco
  • Tribute Dinner and events for San Francisco Boys Chorus, San Francisco
  • UNICEF private reception honoring James Clavell, the author of Shogun, San Francisco
  • Events on board the ship, The Golden Hind, before it sailed for Yokohama for the filming of Shogun, San Francisco
  • Seoul Children's Choir Concert, San Francisco
  • Exhibition of Children's Art from Hiroshima, and reception with guest Patricia Neal.
  • "Politician in Residence" Program, University of Utah, guest Senator John Tunney

International Events (partial list)

  • 50th Anniversary Reception honoring Maestro Asahina, conductor of the Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra, Osaka, Japan
  • San Francisco Boys Chorus Far East Concert Tour to Japan,  Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, an official San Francisco delegation
  • Private dance performance of "Jiuta-mai" by Yamato Shomaki, Osaka
  • Wine tasting event, with international wine expert Michael Amarose, and winemaker Robert Pepi, Osaka Century Club
  • International Diplomatic Mission to the United States, Canada, France, and Italy for Japanese Diet member
  • Wine Tasting event with Michael Amorose and Robert Pepi, Osaka, Japan
  • Black tie wine-tasting dinner with Hugh Johnson, international wine expert, Osaka, Japan
  • Co-master of ceremonies with Takashi Tamai, host of ABC Morning Show, Osaka
  • Project Manager American Food Festival with Dynamic Enterprises & the US Department of Agriculture, Hong Kong
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   Joyce Millet


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