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Cultural  Savvy Leadership Development Coaching "Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."
~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy

What is the most valuable skill for leaders and managers?
It is the ability to successfully work across cultures.


Cultural Savvy's team of experts provides clients with a collaborative relationship and customized coaching solutions. The engagement will focus on specific developmental objectives of the executive/manager being coached. This process enables the executive/manager to work with the coach to define important priorities, explore multiple options, assess options and possible obstacles, and create an action plan that includes specific steps to be taken.

Assessments & Profiles

Cultural Savvy will work with your management to assess the level of cultural competence and intelligence across the organization or in specific key departments and make recommendations for implementing a strategic plan of global learning solutions. We can also assist organizations engaged in a merger or acquisition understand the cultural challenges involved in developing a hybrid culture.

Through the assessment process and data collection, individual and team strengths, development areas, and gaps can be identified, analyzed and incorporated into focused executive training and coaching solutions and executive team sessions.

Global Leadership Development

Leadership development coaching helps facilitate changes in behavior that assist leaders develop and excel in their leadership roles. It is a proven way to assist leaders leverage strengths and understand and minimize areas that are holding them back in order to reach desired goals. Cultural Savvy partners with a team of highly respected and experienced executive coaches that focus on every aspect of leadership coaching.

Executive & Senior Management Coaching

This offers a unique opportunity to address specific situations or issues and provide practical strategies for overcoming cultural gaps. One-on-one executive coaching is a focused way to meet the training and development needs of an organization's executives. Short, targeted sessions make the most effective use of an executive's valuable time. The content of coaching sessions is determined by the specific needs and interests of the executive.

Preparing for Global Travel, Meetings, Customer Visits

Whether it is a first trip or follow-up visits, keeping focused on the importance of building trust and solid relationships is essential.

  • Know who you will be meeting with (internal or external or both), their position and areas of responsibilities
  • Clearly define the purpose/objectives outcomes of the meetings
  • Get an agenda in advance and review - identify any concerns
  • Prepare information to be sent in advance
  • Consider presentation content when presenting across cultures
  • Prepare for social events - host and being hosted
  • Proper attire for meetings and social events
  • Business cards (do they need to be in English and another language?)
  • Prepare gifts if appropriate
  • If interpreter will be required, advance briefing is essential
  • Don't forget the follow up activities

Project Management & Global Teams

Managing cross-cultural teams requires greater flexibility, sensitivity and understanding of the cultural composition of the team and with more attention given to building trust. A clear understanding of differing approaches to change, risk, processes, motivation, innovation, and in particular communication styles is extremely important in managing global teams.

Pharmaceutical Audits

Cultural Savvy specializes in working with companies in the pharmaceutical industry to assist them prepare for audits from international government agencies, e.g. the Chinese CFDA and the Japanese MHLW. We will help your organization understand how to prepare for these important visits. Our consultants have extensive experience working pharmaceutical companies in the US and Japan and China.

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