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Understanding Chinese Business Culture - Working Effectively with Chinese Chinese Business Culture

Cultural Savvy specializes in assisting Chinese and non-Chinese companies develop effective learning solutions and best practices.

Sample - Working Effectively with Chinese

  • Increase the participant's competency and confidence in understanding and working with Chinese counterparts
  • Present an overview of culture and its impact on business behavior and communication styles, to include common misperceptions and stereotypes
  • Analyze aspects of doing business to include an understanding of Chinese values and culture, the historical foundation of Chinese beliefs, perceptions and business behavior
  • Identify differences in management styles, presentation skills, motivational strategies, and conflict resolution strategies
  • Acquire skills to effectively and productively communicate with Chinese nationals, to include business and social contexts, reflective listening and feedback skills, practical discussion, negotiation and meeting strategies
  • Understand when "yes" means yes, no or maybe!
  • Identify and practice key skills and behaviors to facilitate communication and teamwork between managers, customers and colleagues
  • Differences in giving feedback and recognition 
  • Understand Chinese etiquette & protocol
  • Essential Chinese expressions to enhance rapport with Chinese customers

Sample - Working Effectively with Americans
(for Chinese speakers)

  • Overview of culture and its impact on business behavior and communication styles, including common misperceptions and stereotypes
  • Challenges of American English
  • Cultural diversity in America
  • Major cultural differences that directly impact communications
  • Work situations where misunderstandings most often occur
  • Comparative look at American and Chinese management styles
  • Differences in giving feedback and recognition
  • Building practical and sustainable business and social skills
  • Successful meetings and effective presentation skills
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