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The news from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) reminds us every day that it is very different in that part of the world…from politics and religion to how relationships are formed and business is done varies despite more than 50 years of close trade and investment interactions between East and West.

Arab/Muslim countries have unique and rich histories and cultures that impact and define how they see the world and how they interact with it. To be successful working in this environment, which differs even within the countries in the region, then it is vital to understand what motivates and drives people, particularly in work settings.


Mastering the Rules of the Game - Cultural Strategies for MENA

Families and family values make up the core identity of Arabs and Muslims. Their world is based on patterns of behavior that reflect how their goals and orientations reflect these values. Families and other extended social ties provide a network in which Arab and Muslim business and social values interact. 

Business is based on trust and respect. Your ability to understand and respect how these networks operate will directly impact your effectiveness in dealing with Arabs and Muslims. 

Appropriate business behaviors, from general communications to negotiations and resolving conflict, are affected as much by how you are perceived as a person as by the service or product you are offering.

 A “good” partner, supplier or client in Arab and Muslim cultures recognizes the importance of mutual respect based on understanding the customers’ needs. Mastering the rules of the game in terms of effective communications behaviors, learning to cope with ambiguity and lack of control over the business process, and spending the time to understand that competence is more than good intentions, are all challenging, but the rewards are significant. 

Cultural Savvy will assist your organization map out key areas that affect anyone working in the Middle East and North Africa develop insights into how the cultural milieu defines priorities and perceptions.

Through our coaching and training, we will assist you generate sustainable strategies for living and working effectively in this challenging part of the world. We will assist you generate sustainable strategies for living and working effectively in the MENA.

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