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"An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action
rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage."

~Jack Welch, former GE CEO


Why is Cultural Competency Training Essential for Global Business Success?

Globalization has created unlimited, unprecedented business opportunities around the world,
but at the same time business has become more complex, dynamic, and competitive. Underestimating the impact culture has on business can lead to misunderstandings, communication breakdown, missed opportunities and loss of reputation.

Cultural Savvy integrates the benefits of consulting, training and coaching.
We assist our clients:

- Develop successful global leaders
- Build and manage effective global teams
- Improve cross-cultural communication skills
- Work effectively across cultures & leverage cultural differences
- Prepare expats for global assignments & repatriation
- Create an inclusive workplace environment

Benefits of Cross-cultural Training & Coaching
  • Culturally intelligent employees are more effective and productive
  • Training reduces incidents of cultural shock for employees & families
  • Culturally competent employees are more effective in leadership roles and managing multicultural teams
  • Cultural sensitivity is the key to building successful relationships
  • Training is an effective way to minimize breakdowns in communication, costly misunderstandings and business blunders. While the cost to a company when communication breakdowns occur might be difficult to calculate, it is clear that the
    cost of providing effective training solutions is minor by comparison
  • Culturally competent employees are valuable company ambassadors
  • Cross-cultural training is an investment that will pay long-term dividends
  • Companies providing cross-cultural learning solutions have a competitive advantage
    over their competition
Not Offering Cultural Learning Solutions in Your Organization?
  • There is no budget for cultural training this year, but will consider it for next year
  • Our employees can't take the time to be away from their work
  • We had a training once but, while it was interesting, it didn't help our employees develop the practical and sustainable skills they really need
  • We want to do some training in the future but right now it seems like things are progressing pretty smoothly, though miscommunication with some teams is an issue
  • We have a number of challenges that are frustrating but not sure what the best solutions might be

CONTACT US to discuss how our training, consulting, and coaching services can help your company become culturally savvy. 



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