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Doing business in Israel opportunities "In Israel, innovation and entrepreneurship
are the norm; early adoption is the rule,
and thinking 'out of the box' is a daily phenomenon."

Bernal Goldberg, Washington State Israel Business Council

Israel has the second highest concentration of high-tech companies in absolute terms, next to California.
Software originating in Israel is found in almost every business in the Western world. 
Israel leads the world in patents for medical devices.
Israel invented drip irrigation and is an internationally recognized leader in agricultural advancements.
Israeli companies successfully partner with key world players to protect airports, seaports, government offices, financial institutions, recreational centers, international events and more.
Venture Capital investment in Israel has risen almost 6 times in last 10 years, with multiple major acquisitions of Israeli companies by multinational corporations.

The importance of differences in national and organizational cultures in cross-cultural technology and science development initiatives is often underestimated. Many companies have embarked on business connections with Israelis, and Israelis have embarked on business connections with the US, without recognizing the criticality of these differences for making cross-cultural partnerships effective. 

Israelis have distinct ways of approaching and carrying out work –- for instance, in communication style, expectations for meetings, presentations and negotiations, manager-employee roles, building client relationships. The unique cultural qualities found among Israelis can give a leading competitive edge if leveraged effectively, but if not understood, they can sabotage successful business results.

Israel cultural training cannot be considered just “nice to have.” The stakes for leveraging Israeli excellence and breakthrough innovations are too high, as are likewise the stakes for Israelis to utilize their own talents and business opportunities in partnerships with others. Without proper understanding, intercultural differences between Israelis and business partners based in the United States and other parts of the world can lead to numerous areas of difficulty, frustration and reduced productivity. 

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