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It  takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.
If you think about that, you will do things differently."

~Warren Buffett       

In today’s multicultural global business arena, protocol and etiquette skills are in high demand by government organizations, NGO's, corporations and small businesses.

Etiquette & Protocol Training

The rules of etiquette dictate the proper way people should behave in society.  Each culture has its own unique set of rules.  The culturally intelligent business person understands the rules of business and social etiquette when interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds. 

Etiquette comes from the French "etiquete" and literally means " ticket." The rules and regulations set down by the court in France were written on tickets and posted in castle court yards for all to observe and obey. 

Civility comes from the Latin word "city", indicating that city dwellers had more polish than their country neighbors.

Protocol comes from the Greek word meaning “the first glue,” or that which holds civilization together.

In Chinese, the characters for tradition & good manners are the same. 

What You Will Learn...

"There is no accomplishment so easy to acquire as politeness, and none so profitable."  
~George Bernard Shaw 

  • Proper introductions and greetings
  • Forms of address, hierarchy, titles
  • Business card protocol
  • Differences in gestures & body language
  • Issues of time, space, and punctuality
  • Meeting & seating protocol
  • Appropriate business attire
  • Business entertaining – hosting and being hosted
  • Selecting and presenting appropriate gifts
  • Dining etiquette & presenting toasts
  • Wine etiquette - ordering, serving, drinking, giving
  • Netiquette - manners for today's cyber world
  • Gender issues around the world
  • Conversation do's and taboo
  • "Good Graces - Ten Keys to Civility" (courtesy of Protocol Professionals, Inc.)

  • Cultural Savvy partners with Protocol Professionals, Inc. for training & special events.

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