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Boy's Day and Koinobiri durinig Japanese Golden Week - Celebrating Boys Day Koinobori, Carp Streamer, 

By Keigetsu

Celebrating Boys Day

Koinobori - Carp Streamer
By Keigetsu (1876-1963)

Golden Week is a group of national holidays in Japan, beginning with April 29 and ending with May 5. 

This is not only one of the longest holiday periods, but one of the most popular as well. With well-placed weekends, it can be even better.

Apparently the origin of Golden Week comes from the movie industry. They thought it would be a "golden opportunity" for people to have the time to go to the movies.

Golden Week Holidays

April 29: Midori no Hi - Green Day
April 29 was the birthday of Emperor Hirohito, Showa period, who died in 1989. Following his death, the holiday was changed to Midori no Hi, in honor of the environment and nature. The Emperor was passionate about environmental issues and a nature lover. 

May 3: Kenpo Kinenbi - Constitution Day
On May 3, 1947, the new post-war constitution became law. 

May 4: Kokumin no Kyujitsu - "Between Day"
This recently created national holiday was added in order to make the Golden Week a continuous holiday period. 

March 5: Kodomo no Hi - Children's Day 
This holiday was originally called Tango no Sekku or Boys Day or Festival. Families with boys would celebrate by flying koi nobori or carp streamers and gogatsu ningyo or May dolls.

Now all children celebrate this holiday with their parents and enjoy special foods such as rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves and mochi wrapped in oak leaves. Oak and bamboo symbolize longevity and strength.

Hinamatsuri or Girls Day is celebrated on March 3 and is not a national holiday, although there are many that feel it should be. 

Travel Tip:
If you are going to Japan on business, do not go during Golden Week. However, if you are looking for a lovely time of the year and a cultural experience, by all means, visit during this period.

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