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While Vietnam is viewed as a land of opportunity for global companies, it is essential to have an understanding of Vietnamese business culture in order to unlock the opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

Vietnam also has a unique cultural history and while it shares numerous cultural values with other Asian cultures, it is a mistake not to understand the history and characteristics of this special culture.


Working Effectively with Vietnamese- Workshop
Workshop Objectives
To increase the participant’s intercultural competency and confidence in understanding and working with Vietnamese counterparts
To present an overview of key elements of the Vietnamese culture and their impact on workplace behaviors, performance and communication styles, to include common misperceptions and stereotypes relative to American and Vietnamese working styles. This will include an understanding of core Vietnamese values, the historical foundation of Vietnamese beliefs, perceptions and business behavior

To identify differences in American vs. Vietnamese communication styles, presentation skills, motivational strategies, and issues resolution styles

To acquire practical skills and behaviors and develop best practices to effectively and productively communicate with customers and colleagues, to include business and social contexts, pro-active listening and feedback skills, practical discussion, negotiation, e-mails, face-to-face meetings and teleconferences
Customized Key Learnings...
Introduction to Vietnam and its business environment
Core Vietnamese value
Building relationships & trust
Understanding the importance of face
Comparison of workplace cultural values: Vietnamese and American
Communication styles and Vietnamese English
Leadership styles and decision-making
Importance of time
Effective negotiations
Challenges and recommendations for expatriates
Best practices & building strategies


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