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A visitor to culturalsavvy.com asked...

etiquette when entering
              and leaving

"What is the custom in Japan for going up and down stairs when arriving at and leaving business meetings?"

A visitor sent the following response:

"Whether in business meetings or home visits, it is generally considered to good manners for the host to see the visitors off -- to the door, to the elevator, all the way to the building entrance until they board their transport, depends on the relationship between the two.  Obviously a very senior person doesn't escort a very junior one very far.

One thing I can say is that the Japanese see the visitors leave and watch them until they are out of sight (at least eye contact) before turning their heel and return to their office or living room.  Many a Japanese visitor visiting the U.S., those I used to escort and interpret for, were a bit dismayed when the host people didn't wait for their limousine or bus to start moving before they turned their back to the visitors.  We don't do that.  On the other hand, Americans don't seem to expect that sort of send-off parties, so you don't miss anything."



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