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  • Is your company currently engaged in or planning to do business with China? 

  • Is your company currently engaged in or planning to work in China?

  • Do your key managers and other employees interact with a significant number of Chinese professionals? 

  • Have you encountered communication difficulties when working with people from China, i.e. meeting expectations, defining deliverables, managing virtual teams?

Our CHINA PRACTICE focuses on working with clients through training, consulting and coaching.  Our goal is to assist non-Chinese business managers, who do business directly or indirectly with businesspeople in China, develop an understanding of how business is done and how to be successful.  We also work with Chinese nationals to help them work effectively with Americans.


Our "Working Effectively with the Chinese" programs help:

  • To increase the participantís competency and confidence in understanding and working with Chinese counterparts

  • To present an overview of culture and its impact on business behavior and communication styles, to include common misperceptions and stereotypes relative to U.S. and Chinese business styles

  • To analyze aspects of doing business specifically with China, to include an understanding of Chinese values and culture, the historical foundation of Chinese beliefs, perceptions and business behavior

  • To identify differences in U.S. vs. Chinese management styles, presentation skills, motivational strategies, and conflict resolution styles

  • To acquire skills to effectively and productively communicate with Chinese nationals, to include business and social contexts, reflective listening and feedback skills, practical discussion, negotiation and meeting strategies

  • To identify and practice key skills and behaviors to facilitate communication and teamwork between U.S. and Chinese managers, customers and colleagues 

  • Develop cross-cultural awareness and gain important knowledge about The Peopleís Republic of China

Our "Understanding Chinese Etiquette & Protocol" programs help:

  • Acquire cross-cultural communication skills for working effectively with visitors, customers and prospective customers from China

  • More effectively help management and staff understand matters of etiquette and protocol when they are interacting with Chinese customers, colleagues, and employees

  • Understand how to host or be hosted when dealing with Chinese





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