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Many beautiful national and international themes are reflected in the easy, fluid, elegant lines and luxurious fabrics that make up the trademark look of Joanie Char fashions.

Originally hailing from Hong Kong, then going on to study fashion design in London, and later opening studios in the fashion capitals of Milan, New York and San Francisco, Joanie Char has deftly blended influences from the Far East, from Europe and the United Sates to create unique, contemporary signature styles.

Luckily for us, Joanie Char chose San Francisco for her primary fashion venue.  Her polished, feminine look is sought after and worn with confidence by sophisticated women from the world over--women noted for their own personal fashion sense.

Polished, yet carefree looks enhance the feminine form and flatter the personality while meeting the demands of busy, versatile lifestyles.

Joanie Char designs are perfect for all the special events of a woman's life - from business occasions to gala events, for memorable engagements of all kinds...weddings, anniversary celebrations, spotlight presentations, and vacation cruises.  Joanie Char has been the first choice for two generations of fashion-conscious women.  Best yet, Joanie Char fashions are as affordable as they are beautiful.  Today's women can wear Joanie Char for all their varied moods and events...whenever they want to look and feel their confident best.


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